Fall 2016 Fundraising Catalogs (Fall Season: August 1 - December 31)

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Earn up to 50% Profit Selling Great Products Everyone will LOVE!

Mixed Bag Designs offers fundraiser catalogs twice a year, for Spring and for Fall. Every fundraiser comes with two catalogs: our much-loved Bags & Accessories Catalog and our Kitchen & Home Catalog. The bag catalog is filled with colorful and stylish products including reusable bags, totes, accessories, home storage products and more. The kitchen catalog features kitchen gadgets, home decor and gift wrap. Prices start at less than $10 and our product choices are always fresh - we look at the latest trends and pride ourselves on not only high quality, but easy to sell products.

We offer so much more than top-notch products; free prize programs, professionally-designed parent letters, free marketing tools and a great customer service team make a Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser a sure-fire success!

Spring 2017 Fundraising Catalogs (Spring Season: January 1 - June 30)