Fundraiser Resources

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Fundraiser Volunteer Tips

You can't do it alone! Form a winning fundraising team with our tips from our volunteering guide.

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Tips For Promoting on Facebook, Instagram and More!

Use social media to get the word out about your fundraiser! We have tips PLUS tons of photos you can use to create your own fundraising page or post on your personal page to promote your fundraiser!

Download Parent Letters

Download your parent letter, customize it then print out copies for your sellers!

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Fundraiser Display Tips

Learn how to display your samples to promote your fundraiser using examples from real fundraiser displays!

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Creating The Ultimate Prize Program

We offer our own fundraiser prize program but you can also add your own prizes to really boost participation. Get tips from past fundraising organizers on which prizes work best.

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Online Fundraising Tips

Learn how to promote your fundraiser online and get people to shop and support you - you'll receive 40% profit from any online order. Use our flyers, images and tips to make the most of an online fundraising campaign.

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Fundraiser Kickoff Ideas

Start your fundraiser off with a BANG! Use these tips and ideas to have the best fundraiser kickoff ever!

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Download Fundraiser Signs

Download signs & flyers to promote your fundraiser!

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PA, Phone & Email Scripts/Timelines

Not sure where to start on your communication strategy? Use our PTA, phone and email scripts, PLUS our timeline guide to plan it all out for you! All you have to do is copy/paste!

Resource teacherzone
Teacher Zone

All about our Teacher Rewards Program plus great tips for how to utilize teachers in your fundraiser.

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Send Customized Emails

Fill out a quick form with your email address and the emails of your friends and family and we'll send out a customized email for you! Anyone who clicks on these emails will automatically support your fundraiser and the seller when they are shopping on our online store.