High Profit Fundraiser Guide

Download a copy of this guide here

Running our Full Service Program? Download a separate guide here

Online Only Fundraisers: Download guide here

Starting Out: Determine Dates & Plan Ahead
  • Decide your fundraiser dates. ( Tip: it's helpful to plan a fundraiser around an event; such as Back to School or Parent Night)
  • Ready to sign up? Register as a Fundraiser Chair, or if you've already created a log in on our new website, sign in. When registering, you will do a quick search to see if your organization is in our system. If so, confirm you are the Fundraiser Chair. If we don't find you in the system, add your organization.
  • When registering, please enter in your potential fundraiser dates and you're all set!
  • Sign our fundraiser agreement online by going to your Dashboard. Click on your Pre-Signed fundraiser and then follow instructions to signing the agreement. If you don't have a pre-signed fundraiser, click "Start A Fundraiser" from your Dashboard Toolbox.
Recruit Volunteers
Seller packets, DISPLAY KITS & parent letters: 2 weeks prior to start date
  • It's time to order your Seller Packets, a product Display Kit & download a Parent Letter!
  • Order Now! Log in to Your Dashboard. Click on your signed fundraiser (Under "Active Fundraisers"). From this page, follow the link to order your fundraiser packets and samples
  • Have volunteers help stuff Parent Letters into Seller Packets.
    • Your parent letter should go out with the catalogs and order forms. You want to make sure to include: your fundraiser ID number, your due date and who to make the checks payable to (your school/organization name)
    • Plan a Parent Letter Stuffing Day! As they say, "many hands make light work," and have volunteers ready to add parent letters into each seller packet.
Set up a display: 1 week prior to start date
  • Use a Display Kit to promote your upcoming Fundraiser! ( Tip: be sure to display products & posters in popular, high-traffic areas where parents will see them)
  • Click here for display ideas from other fundraisers
  • Click here to download additional signs and posters
Kick off your fundraiser: on or day before start date
  • Organize a short assembly or morning announcement to kick off your fundraiser! Play a video showing the products & prizes while you distribute the Seller Packets.
  • Follow up with an email to parents reminding them to look out for the Seller Packets.
Promote & remind: ongoing throughout fundraiser
  • Now your fundraiser has started - it's time to sell, sell, sell! Set up phone chains & email blasts to remind parents about due dates & turning in orders.
  • Post on social media channels & your community's website about the Fundraiser.
  • Send out emails to encourage family & friends to support your fundraiser by shopping online.
Review orders, close & pay: 3-4 weeks prior to delivery date
  • Get those orders in - it's time to close your fundraiser! Review all orders entered & also close your Fundraiser
    • If you are collecting and entering orders, go to your Dashboard and click on your In Progress fundraiser. Create a new seller and start entering. You will want to work with a partner; it helps keep track of each order!
    • To close your fundraiser, go to your Dashboard and click on your In Progress fundraiser. Then click the "Close My Fundraiser" button.
  • Main order will ship within 2 weeks of date we receive payment.
Online Orders continue
  • People can still shop online to support your fundraiser even after you've closed your catalog sale. You will continue to earn 40% profit on online sales that contain your Fundraiser ID through the end of the season. Keep pushing online sales by sending out email reminders.
delivery day
  • This is a big day & you'll want a couple of volunteers to help with distribution. Each seller's order will be packed individually. ( Tip: a good way to stay organized is to sort orders by classroom or alphabetically)