Fundraiser Tips - Cover Letters
Need help with planning your fundraiser? That's what volunteers are for! An essential part of all fundraisers is networking and talking to people - and networking is the best way to recruit new volunteers. Talk to supporters at your events and ask them if they've ever thought about supporting with their time. Talk with current volunteers and see if they have friends or family who would also like to get involved. Don't be afraid to ask!

A great way to get a lot of people involved is to offer a lot of different jobs at all different stages. Avoid the larger jobs and break them up into smaller increments, thus dividing up the responsibilities. If a smaller task is left unclaimed, it could be good to ask one of the volunteering parents responsible for a similar task to take that on as well. When sending out information to have people sign up, describe the tasks according to abilities and skills needed, that way people won’t get overwhelmed and have assurance that they understand the tasks at hand.

Tasks For Volunteers

Use this list of tasks to get an idea of where and when you can use extra help during your fundraiser.
  • Working a table at a school event (sports event, back to school night, parents night, PTO meeting, science fair, etc.)
    • Set up table and display bags
    • Man the table for 1 hour increments, speaking with parents about how to support the fundraiser
    • Providing food or refreshments if needed
  • Preparing your seller packets
    • You'll need to print enough parent letters for each seller packet you order.
    • Once you download and print your parent letter, you'll need to add it to your seller packet.
    • Are you offering additional prizes? You may want to have an artistic friend make a prize flier to add to your seller packet with your catalog and order form?
      • Estimate the amount of time you'll need and divide up the afternoon between a group of volunteers to make the project move quickly
  • Display Setup
    • You may want two volunteers to head over to your school or the popular spot you've chosen for your display area.
    • Set up includes setting up a table or poster display, prepping the bags and hanging posters
  • Kickoff Assembly
    • Volunteers can help run the fundraiser kick-off at your school
    • Tasks include: selecting the music, downloading and playing the video, organizing teachers or the principal in a mini fashion show, etc.
  • Sending Out Emails
    • Have one email-savvy parent send out the email communication throughout the fundraiser. Make sure they follow up throughout the fundraiser!
  • Phone Calls
    • Schedule a phone call day halfway through your fundraiser with a few volunteers calling your parent directory to remind them about the fundraiser and when/where they can turn in orders
  • Collecting Orders
    • Appoint one person to be in charge of collecting the orders and checks. They'll have to make sure the checks match up with each order as it comes in!
    • Have another person make a list of all of your potential sellers and mark off who has brought in orders. This will keep a running tally of who to contact to bring in those last-minute orders!
  • Entering Orders
    • If you are entering the orders, have a volunteer work with you to help out
    • Entering 500 seller orders can take a good amount of time, and having an extra set of hands (and eyes!) will minimize stress and mistakes!
  • Distribution Day
    • Have volunteers at popular pick-up points to help lead people to the distribution area.
    • Volunteers can help distributing and organizing the order pick-up.
    • Have back-up volunteers ready to drop off orders for those parents who couldn't pick them up