Teacher Involvement

How to Involve Teachers in Your Fundraiser

  1. Check out our Teacher Rewards Program. Teachers who reach 50% classroom fundraiser participation receive a $25 gift card. If they reach 75% participation, they receive a $50 gift card.
  2. Download, print, and distribute copies of our Teacher Rewards Form to teachers about a week before the fundraiser begins.
  3. Use our discounted Teacher Bags (10 bags cost $25) as a free gift for teachers. The bags are the perfect size for collecting orders, so they can sit on the teacher's desk as a colorful fundraiser reminder.
  4. Create your own set of teacher prizes that reward classroom participation. Some ideas include an extra long lunch break, classroom decorations, or a class pizza party.
  5. Encourage playful competition between teachers with a tally list in the Teachers Lounge. This will keep the fundraiser fresh in teachers’ minds.