Social Media Tools

Create a custom shareable fundraiser link, download social media images and more.

*Please Note that Facebook has recently made a change that creates an issue with the redirects from our custom URLs. In order to share your custom web store in a Facebook post, please go your custom web store page and copy the URL in the address bar [you will see that the link is different than your custom URL and contains your fundraiser ID.] You will need to paste that URL to your Facebook post for the link to work properly. Thank you!

Create a Custom Fundraiser Link

Friends & family can click on a custom link and automatically support your fundraiser when they shop. It's easy to create:

Social Media Images

Post these photos to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest to remind people about your fundraiser! Add a countdown so your friends and family know just how long they have to support your fundraiser. Click on the photo to view full size and save.