Your Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser Kickoff Is the Most Exciting Day in Your Campaign! Start your fundraiser off right with a successful kickoff event that’ll get everyone excited and ready to participate! A well-planned fundraiser kick-off event generates contagious energy that propells your fundraiser foward to reach your goals. Not only will your profits soar, your sellers will also be eager to participate in all upcoming fundraising events.
Fundraiser Kickoff Ideas

Fundraiser Kickoff Tips

1. Live Kickoff – Having your kickoff “live” during an assembly can really make an impact. The energy level will be higher and you will end up with a more enthusiastic group. Even if you decide to show a video, assemble students and show it to the group. When playing the video, use the largest viewing screen available. It will generate more excitement, which means more sales!

2. What/Why/How – Explain the purpose of the assembly as soon as possible. Explain why the fundraiser is being held, how the money will be spent, and how it will directly affect the students. Explaining the purpose and communicating this well will motivate everyone to work hard.

3. Use Authority Figures
– Have the principal, or another authority figure, introduce your school fundraiser. The audience will respect the project if they see someone they respect or recognize as important introducing the fundraiser and/or closing it out.

4. Have Music – Try to arrange to borrow a good stereo and sound system to play music that the audience will enjoy when entering the assembly and again when they are leaving.

5. Show Off Prizes – Share the prize program with everyone and show off everything they can win!

6. Advance Setup – Any technical equipment should be tested and working properly in advance of the kickoff assembly. Test the music, any laptops or projectors, microphones, etc.

7. Decorate The School – Students will remember the fundraiser if you post colorful visual reminders around school. Ask teachers to post reminders in their classroom as well with the important dates and procedures.

8. Kickoff Assembly Alternatives – If you can’t have a school-wide assembly, try adding your kickoff event to Back to School Night, after lunch or tag it on to another school-wide event. The more you communicate, the better!

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