Fundraiser Prize Program & Tips

Learn more about our exciting & motivating fundraiser prize program for schools! Prizes are a great way to boost sales at no extra cost to your fundraiser - our cumulative prize program is included in our elementary and middle school catalog fundraiser programs!

Choose from our FREE program with 8 exciting cumulative prizes that are awarded at the end of your fundraiser. Or our new Recommended fundraiser BOOST program which includes the same 8 cumulative prizes PLUS 6 collectible squish clips that students can earn instantly during your fundraiser! Participation prizes have been proven to boost student participation and sales by 25%! View our Participation Prize Program Overview below for more details.

Standard Prize Program (click image to enlarge)

Spring 2019 Fundraiser Prize Kickoff Video

Participation Prize Program (click image to enlarge)

Participation Prize Program Overview
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Spring 2019 Fundraiser Participation Prize Kickoff Video

Prize Ideas

Prizes are often a key part of successful fundraisers. Here are some tried-and-true ideas to inspire your fundraiser prize planning.

Prizes for Students

  • Don’t forget our official prize program!
  • Anyone who brings in an order is invited to the end-of-fundraiser party
  • The Principal will dress up in a silly costume if sellers reach their goal
  • Receive a free homework pass
  • “Silly string” principal or teachers at an assembly if goal reached
  • Bring in an order and get a special coupon to be first in line that day!
  • Free pajama days for sellers who bring in X amount of orders
  • Gift certificates to local businesses (pizzerias, ice cream shops, movie theaters, etc.)
  • iTunes, Amazon or Target gift cards
  • Top sellers can go out for lunch with teacher or principal
  • Dress up day – pajama day, crazy hair day, superhero day

Looking for more? Find 60 free or almost free prizes and incentives on our blog.

Prizes for Teachers

For school fundraisers, we recommend giving each teacher one of your sample bags to collect orders and then keep as a thank you at the end of the fundraiser. The colorful bag attracts attention in the classroom and also gives the teacher an extra incentive to promote getting those seller packets home and bringing orders in!