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Mixed Bag Designs is one of the most popular school fundraising companies in the country! We have worked with 1,000's of schools, and many return to us year after year. Why? We offer up to 50% profit, the best fundraising products, a fantastic free prize program, modern promotional resources for the Chair and sellers, and much more. Our easy fundraisers also include an online fundraising option to boost your sales!

Why Choose Mixed Bag Designs for Your School Fundraiser?

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Earn up to 50% profit with a Catalog Fundraiser! Catalog fundraisers also include online sales - the best of both worlds. Online orders ship directly to the supporter. Talk to your Fundraising Rep to learn about all our program choices.

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Easy catalog order entry (or we can do it for you) and online shopping options for every fundraiser!

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Teachers can earn gift cards! Teachers that achieve 50% or higher classroom participation earn a $50 Mixed Bag gift card. Reach 75% to earn $100 gift card!

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100s of must-have items! Totes, accessories, kitchen gadgets, gift wrap and more. Prices start at less than $10!

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FREE seller packets and school prize program included with your fundraiser

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Customizable parent letter templates, downloadable coupons and flyers, a "send a custom email" tool and more can be found in our Fundraiser Resources section.

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“You are my favorite of all the fundraisers we do! Your company is fantastic and our reps Peggy & Brian are outstanding!!” - Temecula Valley Charter School, California

“This is the easiest fundraiser I have ever organized and made a great profit.” - A School Fundraiser in New Jersey

Awesome variety of products! [Our rep] Sarah and [Customer Service Rep] Jennifer were amazing and the whole experience was so pleasant and easy. I was amazed!!!” - Coal Creek Elementary, Colorado

“I have been overwhelmed at how smoothly this fundraiser has gone. [Our rep] Carol Joyce has been such a wonderful contact and support through this whole process. I was nervous about the ordering process, but with volunteers, we knocked it out in no time. It was very simple and straightforward.

Having the orders prepackaged by student was so efficient. We received 19 boxes of orders and had them all delivered to the classrooms within an hour and a half. Our parents and teachers were so excited to have a product available that was so stylish and practical!

On top of everything, we have exceeded our fundraising goal. Our goal was $5000 and we made $9500!” - Oak Ridge Elementary PTA, Texas