"I have never done a fundraiser with such great response! Love these bags! I only wish I would have known about this sooner!"

Laurel Rodriguez; Bethany Lutheran Church

Cheer Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Raising Money for Summer Camp

"Thank you so much for allowing us to do this fundraiser to help so many kids go to summer camp who couldn't go otherwise. It was a wonderful surprise to open the boxes and find everything separated and ready to hand out to the sellers, this made my job so easy."

A Group Fundraiser in California
Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Amazing Elementary School Profits

"You all are doing an AMAZING job! Keep up the great work and I look forward to working with Mixed Bag next year! I will be sharing your company with everyone I know!"

An Elementary school fundraiser in California
Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

A Favorite Among Elementary School Parents

"We had a great experience with our Mixed Bags fundraiser, again! Everyone loves the products (especially the bags) they are a favorite among parents and are often a requested fundraiser! The bags and kitchen items come a separated by order and it is SO convenient when there are only a few parents running the fundraiser itself. We love Mixed Bag Designs and will be back next year!"

Seattle Hill Elementary PTO
Hockey Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Hockey Team Raises Thousands

"Mixed Bag Designs has been our most successful fundraising event in the Stockton Colts history. We have had successful fundraisers since the first year we started with MBD. We profit $3,000 -7,000 twice a year with our Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser!"

Jill, Stockton, CA Junior Hockey Club

Top Prizes + Top Customer Service = Top Fundraising Results

"I always appreciate doing business with you and your crew at MBD, you guys are ALWAYS helpful, polite and quick to answer any questions I have. We absolutely LOVE that MBD sorts the order per student, per class AND offers up to 50% profit. I personally love the incentive prizes that you offer because they truly make a difference. I always have a parent or student trying to sell one more bag in order to hit that mark to get that prize!"

Whitmore Charter School
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Elementary School Raises More Funds Each Year

"We were so excited to introduce the Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser to our school. Our sales FAR exceeded our goals and have continued to do so each season since we started working with you. Every season Mixed Bag introduces great new products in fashionable patterns that keep our customers always wanting more!"
Mixed Bag Designs Fundraiser Testimonials

I Love These Bags!

"I love these bags. I am buying one for all my friends that work in the school office as an end-of-the-year gift, including the kid's teachers. I also bought some for my daughter and I. What a brilliant idea. It sure does beat magazine or cookie dough fundraisers!"

Amaryllis, Veteran Park Elementary in Ridgefield, CT
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Successfully Raising Money for Team Competitions

A winning team! Mixed Bag Designs is proud to be part of the effort to raise money for the Salinas Magnum Force Fastpitch Girls, a fabulous softball team from Salinas, CA. Great job ladies!

Building a Playground With a Fundraiser

"I just wanted to thank you for being so helpful and awesome! Because of how successful this fundraiser was for us and saving for the last 4 years our new playground equipment is going in over Thanksgiving!"

International Prep School
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

An Easy, Profitable Fundraiser

"The bags are great and really sell themselves!! Your website was amazing! We were able to download a lot of the flyers and made them into beautiful posters and hung them in the studio to promote the product. The catalogs were wonderful, the order forms and tally forms were SO helpful!! I still can't believe the final step of putting all of the orders in (which i was dreading) was so easy! Thus far, this fundraiser ran a lot smoother than I anticipated!! Thanks again for all of your continuous support! We're look forward to receiving all of our merchandise and perhaps running this fundraiser again in the future!"

Laura-Mae Liddy, Cathy Taylor School of Dance
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

Elementary School Fundraiser Exceeds Expectations

"I have been overwhelmed at how smoothly this fundraiser has gone. Carol Joyce has been such a wonderful contact and support through this whole process. I was nervous about the ordering process, but with volunteers, we knocked it out in no time. It was very simple and straightforward.

Having the orders prepackaged by student was so efficient. We received 19 boxes of orders and had them all delivered to the classrooms within an hour and a half. Our parents and teachers were so excited to have a product available that was so stylish and practical!

On top of everything, we have exceeded our fundraising goal. Our goal was $5000 and we made $9500!"

Oak Ridge Elementary PTA, Lubbock, Texas
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs Stainbridge Academy in San Mateo, CA loved their Mixed Bags!
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs
Great Fundraisers - Mixed Bag Designs

We Love Our Mixed Bags!

"My girls keep our iPads safe and are using their favorite bags to carry their clean clothes upstairs. We use our bags for everything from groceries to our pool bag to the trip snack bag!! We love our Mixed Bags!"

Amanda K Brann